Frequently Asked Questions

We have a few answers before your call...

We could see that the economy was due to slow down, so we deliberately positioned ourselves with low overheads. We also have invested heavily is technology that helps us develop good looking sites very fast. This philosophy pays dividends because we have never had to advertise for new clients – they find us !!
We split the cost into two installments, 60% to start the project and the second 40% after the project has been completed.
Hundreds, but we can’t show them all as we sub-contract to a number of web designers who simply mark up our prices and act as if they have developed the sites !!
We usually work on two weeks. However if you have a rush job, we can bring in extra staff to accommodate. That’s about five days for us to create the website and 9 days for our clients to decide on images, colour schemes, functionality, text etc!
Cruxnnovations Strat. Limited is a Nigerian based web design company in that we started off running a number of our own commercial websites and then brought together a powerful team to help us personally. That is why we know that what you require, because we see the world through a customers eyes! That is why we not only optimize our websites so that the search engines can find them. We also suggest simple marketing ideas to ensure that your websites earn their keep! We always aim to be fair with our clients, sounds daft but it has ensured we haven’t lost a client yet.
Certainly. The Content Management System which majority of our websites are built is designed to have elements bolted on to it and removed as they become obsolete. We do charge for changes once a website has been completed but we keep these costs as low as possible.
Email accounts are created in your Website control panel which can be access at webmail.yourwebsite.com
We can be contacted via email or telephone: Email: info@cruxnnovations.com Telephone: +2348062070156
We have created websites for a wide range of customers, from large companies, charities, religious organizations, hobbyists and small businesses. No project is too large or too small. Many of our customers come to us as they feel that other web design companies don’t consider their project big enough to work on. We welcome any project of any size.
We would like to do everything for free but we simply can’t. If you would like anything changing on your site after it has been completed, the total cost for any changes will be confirmed prior to the work being undertaken.